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I'm Alexios, Web Developer and User Experience specialist based in Israel. I'm very curious person and curiosity isn't just a fundamental piece of me - it's also a powerful tool. Among other interests, I particularly interested in Web Development and User Experience. Background in Psychology and Sociology provide me the basis for exploration in User Experience field. In development and design, I follow best practices and pay a specific attention to simplicity concept and good, valid code. I have a special respect for developers and companies who use User Centered model.


HTML is the most fundamental part of the web page, it's the skeleton of the website and for this reason it should be built with all the understanding of what should come next. The fundamental development principles of HTML will take a major role later on in developing resposive design for the page, SEO, accessibility functionality, performance and more. I follow markup validity rules while coding and paying specific attention to semantics and meaning.

CSS is a language that deals with the style of the HTML and this is one of my favorite languages. I use CSS extensively. It helps me to develop resposive design, deal with complex animations, avoid JavaScript usage when possible, improve User Experience and more. But most importantly - and this is the reason why I absolutly love this language - it allows me to solve some extraordinary problems in creative way. If you're not developer this will be hard to explain, but you can take a 10 second look at the logo in the top-left corner to see creative CSS animation in action. If you are a developer, you should simply inspect this exact element and see it for your self.

JavaScript once had a very bad reputation due to its enormous potential from one side, and minimum security against it on the other. However, in the last decade the language and usage of it changed dramaticly. JavaScript of today is one of the most popular computer languages in the world and has enormous impact on almost all aspects of web development. I use JavaScript in most cases for DOM manipulation, but this is probably about to change and shortly I will be able to develop mobile, cross-platform applications with JavaScript.

Responsive Design is a technique used to ensure the website looks good on all displays, regardless to the resolution they have. Responsive Design is about utilizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript to reorganize the website, so it could look good on any screen and resolution. I use various methods to achieve the most optimal way to organize the code and optimize the view for better User Experience.

Cross Browser Compatibility is a technique used to make sure the website works properly on different browsers. The problematic part is that not all browsers follow the World Wide Web Consortium standards and as the result the website might render differently on some or all browsers. I use various methods and testing to ensure the correct functionality among different browsers.

Performance is all about speed. It takes important part in development of online websites and web applications. Every second in delay can be crucial. That's why I use various, performance-wise techniques aimed to improve performance, resulting in reducing overall loading time and achieving the most optimal overall result possible.

User Experience is something I absolutely in love with. User Experience(or UX) deals with user research and user behaviour from different aspects to check the overall experience of a person using a specific product or service. True passion for UX, vast knowledge in psychology and sociology, scientific approach to the problem - is what makes me a true UXer.

Web Accessibility is one of the subfields of User Uxperience and comes in our world of today to ensure equal access and equal opportunity to all people, including people with disabilities. My proficiency of Web Accessibility based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the world wide standards for making content accessible, primarily for people with disabilities.

Photoshop, Angular JS, PHP, WordPress - is a short list of something I'm learning and interesting about. I always strive to improve and grow professionally. As for earlier mentioned skills, despite the beginner phase, this what I can say about them:
Photoshop - love to play with it, but definitely not a graphic designer.
Angular JS - too early to think something about it, but probably I'll switch to react instead.
PHP - absolutely must dive in!
WordPress - great CMS, but I want to make my own one.


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